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Death, and the Death of Indie Games  - 2017

A postmortem of In Extremis, and a personal confessional about the tensions involved in developing it.

Things I Played In 2017  - 2017

An end of year roundup I wrote because that sounded fun at the time.

(Breaking) The Shmup Dogma - 2015

An analysis of game design standarts of shoot'em ups written for Gamasutra.

The Subtle Spaces  - 2015

Very dry game design theorizing. Read at your own risk.

In Extremis Devlog - 2014-2016

In Extremis attempt at a development blog. Some fun stuff and some depressing stuff there.

Final Secreto - 2010-2012

Short lived video game blog.


Design como Jazz - Big Festival 2017

Como Fazer o Jogo dos Seus Sonhos (Mesmo Fazendo Tudo Errado) - 2018

Short presentation for a local game event

PDF Download

Game Feel - 2016

Extended presentation of Game Feel for a university lecture I was invited to.

PDF Download


t3ss3l4t0r - 2018

Procedural generative visual art done with Arduino and Processing, for a Digital Art course at EAV - Parque Lage

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